Ma te huruhuru ka rere ai te manu
Adorn the bird with feathers it will fly

Your access to the autistic community.

Making autism education and support accessible for all in Aotearoa New Zealand through lived experiences and practical advice.

Takiwātanga is the Te Reo Māori word for autism, which means “in his/her/their own space and time“.

Takiwātanga explained


Support for parents of autistic children
Support for educators
Support for autistic adults
Support for employers of autistic employees

What is autism?

Autism is a genetically-based kaleidoscope of human neurological variants.

All autistic people experience the world differently from non-autistic people. This difference can be described in terms of a heightened level of conscious processing of raw information, and an absence or significantly reduced level of subconscious filtering.

Autistic people exist in all societies. The latest studies indicate that around 1 in 30 people are autistic. This means in Aotearoa we have more than 150,000 autistic people across all age groups.

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