Autistic Communities in Public Libraries

Coming to Point Chevalier Library: Display project and workshop

Display project

24 May to 9 June 2022.

This project introduces the general public to Autistic culture – from the Autistic perspective- in non-pathologizing language.


The Neurodiversity Movement and Autistic Advocacy
9 June, 4pm, Point Chevalier Library.

There is a wealth of information and you will receive plenty of brain teasers. Come and read fresh Autistic autobiographical narratives from Aotearoa.


  1. Autistic people
    1. Who are we?
    2. Why those posters?
    3. Stepping out of our comfort zone
      • What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)?
      • Shoddy science: Evidence based? Evidence of what?
      • The origins of ABA and conversion therapy
    4. Do non-speaking Autistic people have a voice too?
    5. What is an invisible disability?
    6. What do we wish to accomplish for Aotearoa?
  2. The neurodiversity movement
    1. The autistic rights movement
      • Hypernormality vs hypersensitivity
      • Nothing about us without us
      • Don’t mourn for us
      • The Autism Industrial Complex
    2. The neurodiversity paradigm
      • What is neurodiversity
      • Depathologising
      • Rehumanising
      • Definitions
    3. Autistic culture
      • Appreciation of diversity
      • Appreciation of individual communication preferences
      • Unmasking, direct communication
      • Shared language and social norms
      • Autistic relationships
      • Autistic communities
      • Peer support
      • Autistic organisations

Come in, and read quotes from Autistic authors and Autistic advocates, some of them non-speaking, touching on different themes, as well as a list of common myths about Autistic people, information on “How to be an Ally”, information about the neurodiversity movement and Autistic activism in Aotearoa and internationally, and a timeline of lived Autistic experiences over the last 250 years.

This display project is an Autistic collaboration between the Autistic communities in Aotearoa and Turkey. Ülkü Mazlum has created amazing cartoons for the posters.

The display was well received on Waiheke and in Whangaparāoa libraries. After Point Chevalier, the display will be hosted by Manurewa library and by Albany Village library in July.

Sarah Bettin

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