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AutCollab TV

➜ Autistic Collaboration TV is an on-demand video channel produced by members of the Autistic Collaboration community.

The content is presented by Ponderful (Mica) and Autistamatic (Quinn) in collaboration with the wider autistic community.

We focus on autistic perspectives on society, autistic collaborations, and on the results of autistic collaboration – with other autists, with people from other marginalised groups, and with people who appreciate autistic perspectives.

Autistic Collaboration TV aims educate the world about the invaluable role that autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people play as the agents of a well functioning cultural immune system within human society.

Employer Rating service

Psychologically safe work environments are fundamental for the flourishing of all staff, in particular for autists, who are not inclined to play competitive social games.

We all thrive when being given the opportunity to work with our most trusted peers. In a good company everyone is acutely aware of all the collective intelligence and capability that is available in the form of trusted colleagues, friends, and family.

This (free) intersectional community-powered ➜ Employer Rating service enables employees to rate their employers in terms of psychological safety, cultural safety, and inclusiveness for:

  1. all staff
  2. autistic and otherwise neurodivergent staff in particular
  3. LGBTQIA+ staff in particular

You can watch this 12-minute webinar that walks through key elements of the service.

Bullying Alert service

Elevated rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide apply across the entire autism kaleidoscope. These co-morbid conditions are a reflection of experiences made in the social environment rather than a reflection of autism specific neurology.

The latest research confirms that bullying plays a major role, reflecting the strong consensus within the autistic community that bullying is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed.

If you find yourself in a work environment where you frequently have to mask or tend to be penalised for taking risks, making mistakes, raising problems, asking questions, or disagreeing with your colleagues, you are in an unsafe environment. You can use this (free) ➜ Bullying Alert service to report the context of your situation in anonymised form.


Most autistic people thrive in autistic culture and autistic community.

➜ NeurodiVenture : an inclusive non-hierarchical organisation operated by neurodivergent people that provides a safe and nurturing environment for divergent thinking, creativity, exploration, and collaborative niche construction.

NeurodiVerse : human scale cultures created by neurodiversity within the human species

  • (a) the universe of NeurodiVentures
  • (b) the set of all neurodivergent people

Don’t worry if you are not yet part of a NeurodiVenture or autistic community. Joining the ➜ Autistic Collaboration community as an individual may be the first step towards meeting the right kind of people to collaborate with!

Neurodiversity in Aotearoa meetings

Strengthening the local neurodiversity movement in Auckland, New Zealand

In order to progress beyond basic awareness of neurodiversity, and in order to address some of the dangerous misconceptions that many people still have in relation to neurodiversity (and especially autism), in 2019 a small group of collaborative autists started coordinating regular meetings.

We have organised a venue at the Auckland Central City Library. These (free) ➜ meetings in Auckland are an opportunity for autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people to meet, learn from each other in a safe space, and coordinate local neurodiversity activism.

You can also participate in these meetings online via Zoom, but please understand that we’ll only admit you to the meeting if we recognise your name, or if you have registered in advance (follow the link above).

Creative Collaboration workshops

Creativity allows organisations and individuals to find their niches and thrive in the world. S23M invites you to discover deeper forms of collaboration by transitioning from the information age to the knowledge age.

➜ Creative Collaboration is a subscription service that assists organisations to unlock creativity and to establish and maintain psychological safety on an ongoing basis. It can also allow creative autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people to get paid for their unique insights and knowledge. It consists of three elements:

  1. Multisolving – four or more Open Space workshops per year, to power a continuous SECI (socialisation, externalisation, combination, internalisation) knowledge creation spiral in a distributed team environment that breaks through the barriers of established disciplines, management structures, and physical distance
  2. Neurodiversity – access to neurodivergent facilitators and to the creativity of neurodivergent people within your organisation and beyond, to question implicit assumptions and to overcome cultural inertia and bias against creativity
  3. Thinking tools – access to the MODA + MODE repository of knowledge, and via inquiries to our team, access to our collective tacit knowledge from working with more than 100 organisations, as a foundation for critical thinking and creative experimentation

If you are autistic, and especially if you have valuable ideas for improving healthcare service delivery in Aotearoa New Zealand, you can ➜ contact Jorn Bettin at S23M, and we may be able to find opportunities to invite you to some of our Creative Collaboration workshops with local healthcare service providers at the same consulting rates that we charge for our facilitators.

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