Support For Employers

Employee Wellbeing subscription

We all thrive when being given the opportunity to work with our most trusted peers. In a good company everyone is acutely aware of all the collective intelligence and capability that is available in the form of trusted colleagues, friends, and family.

➜ The Employee Wellbeing subscription service consists of regular anonymous assessments of cultural safety and psychological safety.

Employers that are committed to providing an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace are encouraged to enrol in the Employee Wellbeing service, and to run quarterly anonymous psychological and cultural safety surveys that are administered by volunteers from the Autistic Collaboration Trust and the Design Justice Network. The survey consists of 17 questions and is sponsored by S23M.

To offer maximum protection to employees, results are made available to employers subject to the limitations described in the service user guide, i.e. the Autistic Collaboration Trust never shares the individual anonymous responses with employers or with any other party.

As needed the service can be tailored for the specific context of your jurisdiction or to the needs of a specific economic sector. In Aotearoa New Zealand and in Australia for example, S23M offers ➜ healthcare sector specific configurations of the service.

Creative Collaboration subscription

Creativity allows organisations and individuals to find their niches and thrive in the world. S23M invites you to discover deeper forms of collaboration by transitioning from the information age to the knowledge age.

➜ Creative Collaboration is a subscription service that assists organisations to unlock creativity and to establish and maintain psychological safety on an ongoing basis. It consists of three elements:

  1. Multisolving – four or more Open Space workshops per year, to power a continuous SECI (socialisation, externalisation, combination, internalisation) knowledge creation spiral in a distributed team environment that breaks through the barriers of established disciplines, management structures, and physical distance
  2. Neurodiversity – access to neurodivergent facilitators and to the creativity of neurodivergent people within your organisation and beyond, to question implicit assumptions and to overcome cultural inertia and bias against creativity
  3. Thinking tools – access to the MODA + MODE repository of knowledge, and via inquiries to our team, access to our collective tacit knowledge from working with more than 100 organisations, as a foundation for critical thinking and creative experimentation

Neurodiversity in Healthcare workshops

In the healthcare sectors in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia S23M Healthcare Solutions is working with healthcare professionals to facilitate a sector wide anti-bullying initiative that presents neurodiversity as a key element towards addressing the problem.

The HiNZ workshop in November 2018 brought together a committed group of healthcare professionals from across the country and represents a first milestone on the journey to transforming the workplace culture in the healthcare sector in Aotearoa.

The resulting agreement on the need for action was encouraging, and has resulted in ongoing collaborations.

If you work in the healthcare sector and would like to get involved in creating neurodiversity friendly work environments, please ➜ support our unique education programme.